Mosquito DD753

De Havilland Mosquito NF Mk.II DD753, 54 O.T.U., RAF Charterhall
crashed The Curr, Cheviot Hills on 12th December 1944


PositionRank/TitleFull NameAgeService NumberInjury
PilotFlt LtHenry John Medcalf27131074Fatal
NavF/ORonald Edward Bellamy21154591Fatal

Accident Details

During a night exercise from RAF Charterhall the aircraft flew into the northern slopes of The Curr and broke up over the flank of the hill.

The Crash Site

Considering the wooden construction of the Mosquito, quite large sections of wreckage still remain at the crash site. At the main impact are remains of one of the undercarriage legs whilst further to the west there is a pit containing sections of armour plate and nacelle panels. Just to the east of the main site, on the opposite side of the fence is another pit, with sections poking out of the ground.

It is believed the two pits are where the Merlin engines were blown up and buried by the salvage crew, the aircraft having first struck along the flank of the hill whilst flying from west to east.