Crash sites

Anson TX194Avro Anson C.MK.19 TX194, Communication Squadron, RAF Turnhouse crashed Stagshaw Bank, Corbridge on 1st April …1st April 1958Northumberland1958-04-01 00:00:47
Hunter XG236Hawker Hunter F6 XG236 (N), 66 Squadron, RAF Acklington crashed Wainhope, Kielder on 14th February …14th February 1958Northumberland1958-02-14 00:00:02
B17 44-6504Boeing B17-G Fortress 44-6504 (PU-M), 303rd Bomb Group/360th Bomb Squadron, Molesworth crashed The Cheviot, Wooler …16th December 1944Northumberland1944-12-16 00:00:29
Mosquito DD753De Havilland Mosquito NF Mk.II DD753, 54 O.T.U., RAF Charterhall crashed The Curr, Cheviot Hills …12th December 1944Roxburghshire1944-12-12 00:00:27
Beaufighter NE595Bristol Beaufighter Mk.X NE595 (S), 603 Squadron, RAF Gambut, Libya crashed Fiskardo, Kefalonia, Greece on …19th July 1944Greece1944-07-19 00:00:13
Spitfire P8193Supermarine Spitfire M.IIa P8193 (JZ-T), 57 O.T.U., RAF Boulmer crashed Houxty Wood, Bellingham on 26th …26th April 1944Northumberland1944-04-26 00:00:45
B17 42-31604Boeing B17-G Fortress 42-31604, Unassigned ditched in Loch Quoich, Western Scotland on 13th January 1944 …13th January 1944Western Scotland1944-01-13 00:00:35
Beaufighter T3038Bristol Beaufighter Mk.II, 54 O.T.U., RAF Winfield crashed Hutton Mill Bridge, Foulden on 4th January …4th January 1943Berwickshire1943-01-04 00:00:41
Magister R1849Miles Magister Mk.I R1849 (5), 15 E.F.T.S., RAF Kingstown crashed High Long House, Kielder on …10th December 1941Northumberland1941-12-10 00:00:42
Avian G-ABCOAvro Avian, G-ABCO, Border Flying Club crashed Low Houses, Low Gate on 14th August 1937 …14th August 1937Cumbria1937-08-14 00:00:40