About us

The remains of Mosquito DD753 on The Curr, Cheviot Hills.

The Air Crash Investigation & Archaeology (ACIA) group research and study the remains of crashed historical aircraft in northern England and southern Scotland. Our aim is to preserve the memory of those who lost their lives in these tragic accidents and to accurately document and investigate the cause.

Formed in 2001, ACIA is an amateur research group comprising several members who devote their spare time solving long forgotten mysteries of aviation. Recent licenced excavations have shed new light on the accidents for which no reason was established by the investigating teams of the time. At some of the more remote crash sites wreckage can still be seen, evidence of these tragic events which remain a lasting memorial to this day.



We have been involved in many projects from crash site excavations, memorial unveilings and we have appeared numerous times on TV, radio and in the newspapers.

We have an extensive archive of research material, consisting of accident reports, newspaper clippings, personnel records, photos and crash site survey reports. We are only too willing to assist fellow researchers and families of those involved in aircraft accidents in our region and welcome you to contact us if you have any enquiries.


Video of our Scottish team recovering a Spitfire’s Merlin engine.