DH9A E77

Airco DH9A E77, RAF Delivery Flight
crashed Hepple Whitefield, Rothbury on 14th October 1920


PositionRank/TitleFull NameAgeService NumberInjury
PilotF/ODerrick Mark CassidyInjured
PassengerMrA. FletcherInjured

Accident Details

The aircraft was being ferried from Farnborough to the Naval Station at Donibristle when fog was encountered over Northumberland.  F/O Cassidy opted to put the aircraft down but chose to do so over an area of high ground and the aircraft flew into the edge of a wood on high ground forming part of the Hepple Whitefield Estate.

Both F/O Cassidy and his passenger, Mr Fletcher, were only slightly injured, although the aircraft was a complete write off.

The Crash Site

We have yet to search for the crash site but it is believed to have occurred just to the west of Hepple Whitefield.

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