Fury K7273

Hawker Fury Mk.II K7273, 41 Squadron, RAF Catterick
crashed Near Alwinton on 20th April 1938


PositionRank/TitleFull NameAgeService NumberInjury
PilotP/OPeter Dennis James Strong2637699Uninjured

Accident Details

The aircraft was taking part in Air Observer Corps exercises over the Redesdale range when an engine failure forced P/O Strong to make a forced landing on rough ground.  As the aircraft taxied after landing it hit a fence 50 yards away and tipped onto its back.

P/O Strong was uninjured and returned to service a short time later.  P/O Strong served through World War 2 with 602 Squadron and survived the war.  He retired from the air force in 1959 with the rank of Flight Lieutenant.

The Crash Site

There has been a suggestion that the aircraft came down in a rough field on high ground to the north of Alwinton but as yet we have been unable to accurately pinpoint the position.

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