Hurricane AF984

Hawker Hurricane Mk.I AF984, 55 O.T.U. RAF Longtown
crashed Kershopefoot, Newcastleton on 15th April 1943


PositionRank/TitleFull NameAgeService NumberInjury
PilotWO2Walter Marvin Hicks24R91878Fatal

Accident Details

Walter Marvin Hicks was on a night landing exercise from RAF Longtown. He had been flying for 45 minutes when at 03:45 hrs, the Hurricane he was flying dived vertically into a hillside 4 miles south of Newcastleton.

The explosion was heard by locals from the nearby hamlet of Kershopefoot and they discovered the aircraft in a forest ride buried deep into the ground.

The cause was obscure but it is believed that Hicks had left the vicinity of the airfield and had entered an area of high ground which was obscured by a blanket of cloud. It is believed Hicks became disorientated and lost control of the aircraft.

The Crash Site

Some small pieces of the Hurricane can still be found at the crash site. A noticeable depression can be seen where the aircraft impacted, although it is extremely hard to spot under the blanket of pine needles which covers the site.

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