Anson TX194

Avro Anson C.MK.19 TX194, Communication Squadron, RAF Turnhouse
crashed Stagshaw Bank, Corbridge on 1st April 1958


PositionRank/TitleFull NameAgeService NumberInjury
PilotFlt LtJohn Ronald Currie Brouwer 33Minor
NavNot presently knownMinor

Accident Details

Anson TX194 had left RAF Turnhouse early in the morning of 1st April 1958 for a Cross-Country exercise. At the controls was pilot Flt Lt John Ronald Currie Brouwer a WW2 veteran with over 1126 flying hours to his name. The destination of the flight was RAF Wyton where the aircraft was to refuel and return to Turnhouse.

As the aircraft flew over Northumberland on the return flight Flt Lt Brouwer noted that his fuel supply was running low and he attempted to divert to RAF Ouston. He left it too late however and a forced landing was made on rough ground to the west of the A68 just north of Corbridge. Flt Lt Brouwer and his navigator were uninjured in the accident however Brouwer was held responsible for the crash in that he applied too much power during both legs of the flight, failed to take on enough fuel for the return journey from Wyton, and failed to keep an adequate check on the fuel supply.

The Crash Site

The crash site is on private land 100 yards from the western side of the A68 at the top of Stagshaw Bank on Stagshaw Bank Common. A visual search of the scene in 2017 failed to spot any remains of the aircraft and with metal detector use being restricted due to the proximity of Hadrian’s Wall, it will be difficult to establish what if anything still remains in the ground.

Due to the proximity of the road, the aircraft was recovered easily within the space of a couple of days with the recovery team making a makeshift camp consisting of tents beside the wrecked aircraft, but with two pubs on the doorstep, one wonders how much time was spent in the tents!

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