Unknown Civil Aircraft

Unknown Civil Aircraft crashed Deadwater Farm, Kielder on
20th July 1984


PositionRank/TitleFull NameAgeService NumberInjury
PilotMrGeoffrey Wilde61ok

Accident Details

The pilot was returning to Cheshire from a family visit to Aberdeen when over the high ground of Northumberland a rain squall was encountered making visibility difficult. A successful forced landing was made in a field adjacent to Deadwater Farm.

Two hours later, once the weather had cleared, the pilot, Mr Geoffrey Wilde, attempted to take off but failed to gain enough speed and the aircraft crashed through two fences and overturned. The crash was witnessed by Jimmy Hall and several villagers who had gathered to watch it take off and they helped Mr Wilde, who was uninjured, out of the damaged machine.

Mr Wilde returned to Deadwater two days later with a trailer to collect the damaged aircraft and pay for the damage to the fences. It is believed he may have stayed in Bellingham as there is local recollection of the trailer being parked up in the village with the damaged aircraft on the back.

Can you help?

The identity of the aircraft remains a mystery and several enquiries to the Accident Investigation Branch (AIB) have drawn a blank. The aircraft is described as a low wing twin seater aircraft, and with the damage likely to have been slight, there may have been no report filed with the AIB. Our research in identifying the aircraft continues so we welcome any information which might help identify the aircraft.

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