We have a record of over 5000 aircraft accidents covering Northumberland, Cumbria, Yorkshire, Lancashire & Scotland. We will continue to update these pages as and when we have time so please check back regularly.

Those accidents in Yorkshire and Lancashire are covered in great detail on the websites by Rich Allenby and Alan Clark, so please check out the links section for links to those websites.

Jaguar XX732Sepecat Jaguar GR1A XX732, 226 OCU, RAF Lossiemouth crashed Eskdalemuir Forest, Craik on 27th November …27th November 1986Roxburghshire1986-11-27 13:30:41
Unknown Civil AircraftUnknown Civil Aircraft crashed Deadwater Farm, Kielder on 20th July 1984 Crew Accident Details The …20th July 1984Northumberland1984-07-20 00:00:24
Phantom XV477McDonnell Douglas Phantom FGR2 XV477 (C), 6 Squadron RAF Coningsby crashed Thack Moor, Alston on …20th November 1972Pennines1972-11-20 00:00:57
Anson TX194Avro Anson C.MK.19 TX194, Communication Squadron, RAF Turnhouse crashed Stagshaw Bank, Corbridge on 1st April …1st April 1958Northumberland1958-04-01 00:00:47
Hunter XG236Hawker Hunter F6 XG236 (N), 66 Squadron, RAF Acklington crashed Wainhope, Kielder on 14th February …14th February 1958Northumberland1958-02-14 00:00:02
Auster TW582Taylorcraft Auster AOP.6 TW582, 664 (AOP) Squadron, RAF Hucknall  crashed Otterburn, Northumberland on 11th September …11th September 1955Northumberland1955-09-11 00:00:47
Chipmunk WP780De Havilland Chipmunk Mk.10 WP780, Durham UAS, RAF Usworth crashed Otterburn, Northumberland on 1st April …1st April 1955Northumberland1955-04-01 00:00:25
Mosquito RF847De Havilland Mosquito Mk.VI RF847, 16 Ferry Pilots Pool, Kirkbride crashed Riccalton, Cheviot Hills on …30th March 1945Cheviot Hills, Northumberland1945-03-30 00:00:21
B17 44-6504Boeing B17-G Fortress 44-6504 (PU-M), 303rd Bomb Group/360th Bomb Squadron, Molesworth crashed The Cheviot, Wooler …16th December 1944Cheviot Hills, Northumberland1944-12-16 00:00:29
Mosquito DD753De Havilland Mosquito NF Mk.II DD753, 54 O.T.U., RAF Charterhall crashed The Curr, Cheviot Hills …12th December 1944Cheviot Hills, Roxburghshire1944-12-12 00:00:27
Beaufighter NE595Bristol Beaufighter Mk.X NE595 (S), 603 Squadron, RAF Gambut, Libya crashed Fiskardo, Kefalonia, Greece on …19th July 1944Greece1944-07-19 00:00:13
Spitfire P8193Supermarine Spitfire M.IIa P8193 (JZ-T), 57 O.T.U., RAF Boulmer crashed Houxty Wood, Bellingham on 26th …26th April 1944Northumberland1944-04-26 00:00:45
Auster MT139Taylorcraft Auster Mk.IV, 658(AC) Squadron, RAF Collyweston crashed Otterburn, Northumberland on 10th April 1944 Crew …10th April 1944Northumberland1944-04-10 00:00:09
Beaufighter T3181Bristol Beaufighter Mk.IIF, 54 O.T.U., RAF Charterhall crashed near Charterhall airfield, Greenlaw on 22nd February …22nd February 1944Berwickshire1944-02-22 00:00:00
B17 42-31604Boeing B17-G Fortress 42-31604, Unassigned ditched in Loch Quoich, Western Scotland on 13th January 1944 …13th January 1944Western Scotland1944-01-13 00:00:35
Hurricane AF984Hawker Hurricane Mk.I AF984, 55 O.T.U. RAF Longtown crashed Kershopefoot, Newcastleton on 15th April 1943 …15th April 1943Cumbria1943-04-15 00:00:16
Beaufighter T3038Bristol Beaufighter Mk.II, 54 O.T.U., RAF Winfield crashed Hutton Mill Bridge, Foulden on 4th January …4th January 1943Berwickshire1943-01-04 00:00:41
Wellington Z1078Vickers Wellington Mk.IC Z1078 (JN-L), 150 Squadron, RAF Snaith crashed The Cheviot, Northumberland on 15th …15th January 1942Cheviot Hills, Northumberland1942-01-15 00:00:55
Magister R1849Miles Magister Mk.I R1849 (5), 15 E.F.T.S., RAF Kingstown crashed High Long House, Kielder on …10th December 1941Northumberland1941-12-10 00:00:42
Hurricane Z5051Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIB Z5051 (YB-H), 4 Delivery Flight, RAF Inverness crashed Rochester, Redesdale on 9th …9th December 1941Northumberland1941-12-09 00:00:59
Hurricane Z3150Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIB Z3150, 43 Squadron, RAF Acklington crashed Peel Fell on 3rd November 1941 …3rd November 1941Cheviot Hills, Roxburghshire1941-11-03 00:00:28
Botha L6416Blackburn Botha Mk.I L6416 of 2 Air Observer School, RAF Millom crashed Stainmore Summit on …22nd August 1941Pennines1941-08-22 07:20:05
Defiant AA306Boulton Paul Defiant Mk.I AA306, 6 Ferry Pilot Pool crashed near Gilsland, Cumbria on 22nd June …22nd June 1941Cumbria1941-06-22 00:00:33
Hampden L4063Handley Page Hampden Mk.I L4063, 50 Squadron, RAF Waddington crashed Windy Gyle, Cheviot Hills on …17th March 1940Cheviot Hills, Roxburghshire1940-03-17 00:00:16
Anson N5094Avro Anson Mk.I N5094, 49 Squadron, RAF Scampton crashed Upper Coquetdale on 5th March 1940 …5th March 1940Cheviot Hills, Northumberland1940-03-05 00:00:40
Hart K6482Hawker Hart Trainer K6482, 152 Squadron, RAF Acklington crashed The Cheviot on 10th October 1939 …10th October 1939Cheviot Hills, Northumberland1939-10-10 00:00:03
Spitfire K9888Supermarine Spitfire Mk.I K9888, 41 Squadron, RAF Catterick  crashed Great Dun Fell, Pennines on 18th …18th July 1939Pennines1939-07-18 00:00:48
Blenheim K7067Bristol Blenheim Mk.I, 90 Squadron, RAF Bicester crashed Cottonshopeburnfoot on 30th August 1938 Crew Accident …30th August 1938Cheviot Hills, Northumberland1938-08-30 00:00:28
Fury K7273Hawker Fury Mk.II K7273, 41 Squadron, RAF Catterick crashed Near Alwinton on 20th April 1938 …20th April 1938Cheviot Hills, Northumberland1938-04-20 00:00:27
Avian G-ABCOAvro Avian, G-ABCO, Border Flying Club crashed Low Houses, Low Gate on 14th August 1937 …14th August 1937Cumbria1937-08-14 00:00:40
Audax K7382Hawker Audax K7382, 26(AC) Squadron, RAF Catterick  crashed Otterburn, Northumberland on 22nd July 1937 Crew …22nd July 1937Northumberland1937-07-22 00:00:47
Moth G-AAREDe Havilland DH60G Moth G-AARE  crashed Cross Fell, Pennines on 21st April 1936 Crew Accident …21st April 1936Pennines1936-04-21 00:00:13
DH60 Moth G-ABGMDe Havilland DH60 Moth G-ABGM crashed Carter Fell, Cheviot Hills on 6th July 1933 Crew Accident …6th July 1933Cheviot Hills, Northumberland1933-07-06 00:00:03
ANEC Missel ThrushANEC IV Missel Thrush G-EBPI (24), crashed Broad Law, Peebles on 20th July 1928 ” …20th July 1928Peebleshire1928-07-20 00:00:04
DH9A E77Airco DH9A E77, RAF Delivery Flight crashed Hepple Whitefield, Rothbury on 14th October 1920 Crew …14th October 1920Northumberland1920-10-14 00:00:09